To blog or Not to blog, I guess that is the question?

Let me set the scene for you:

It’s Monday afternoon, lunch time for most here at the Kenosha County Job Center,  there is lots of noise and conversation in the hallway and Jess the Ska Kid sits at her computer feeling board, kinda hungry, wishing her coffee was warmer and that her smoking partner was at work today, but lucky him, he is on vacation. However, his voice is in my head, “Ya know, you should update your blog on your website, people like to read things, it keeps your page active.”  So as I’m sitting here thinking of what to write or how to being, I take his advise and just start.  Welcome to the wild world of Jess, though it’s not all about me, I seem to refer to myself in the third person as if it does, quite frequently now a days.

So what does one write in a blog? What content does a reader want to see?  This is a difficult question for me to answer to myself as I haven’t ever read blogs. I can’t say I internet very well at all.  I have only really used the interwebs outside of researching things for either my job or school, to maintain one socially pseudo enforced social media page. Though now in the very recent two month span of time, my interwebings have increased as I now find myself using all or damn near all, the social media pages.

Why haven’t I read a blog you ask? UMMMM… because I find face to face interaction more appealing.  I prefer to converse instead of spend my time online looking to read someone else’s opinion, because most often, their opinion doesn’t matter to me. This might sound harsh, but it’s true. Why read something to not be able to actively discuss it?  I find, even when I’m reading other things, I tend to ask questions out loud or, since most often I’m reading to others, asking them engaging questions about what it is being read, forcing critical thinking to be activated. So there, I think I know what I want to write, I want to create this blog as a more, off the cuff of my mind sort of blog, engaging and interacting.  To spur your imagination, get you to ask questions.

So I implore you, feel free to contact me with your thoughts regarding this blog, topics of discussion you’d like me to share my opinion with you the reader.  Hell, I mean, something isn’t worth writing if folks aren’t going to read and respond right?  So as I end my first blog post, as I need to go to the bathroom and want to stretch my legs and have a smoke outside by myself, I ask you the reader to feel free to share with me topics you want to have me cover.  I will try to keep up with this blog thing, again, I’m more of a talker, so make sure to catch my Jess the Ska Kid show on Thursday nights from 8-10pm (shameless plug).


Thanks for reading!


Stay tuned!


One thought on “To blog or Not to blog, I guess that is the question?

  1. Well welcome to the world of blogging. I am sure you will find something to say about things such as: music, social injustices, your daytime job, or just stupid people you encounter (names redacted of course) moving through life. Sometimes it is nice for people to know they are not the only ones dealing with a shallow gene pool. So Speak up! Let your stream of consciousness flow and I am sure you will develop a following here as well. Is it time to smoke yet? lol


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