And the Band played on

Enjoy some of my favorite bands

All the Music that’s fit to play! Check these out.

Jess the Ska Kid Show recorded Live on location at The Port Kenosha WI. Featuring Humbug.


Jess the Ska Kid playing music by Andrew Robert Palmer.

Jess The Ska Kid Interviews Extrinsic. She discusses how they came to incorporate a Cello in the band, their musical influences, and some of their other projects.

Tonight Jess The Ska Kid presents Humbug! Mike and Frank perform some Guitar and Banjo music. Check out Humbug on Bandcamp:

Jess the Ska Kid presents Waste “The Wasted” on the show. Listen in to their “Instrumental” Punk night. Beginning in March they will continue their traditional Punk performances with a new lead singer.

On the first show of the new year Jess The Ska Kid has MX Future The Glass Warrior performing live from Palace de Scheelerino

Tis’ the Season! Jess is on the road to the Port of Kenosha to see Republicans on Welfare, Army of Cretins, and Glad Radz (Pistofficer Tribute Band). There were no Christmas Carols here:

Mission Top Secret Destination Unknown…Jess The Ska Kid happened upon a Jam Band, Mountains on the Moon. Check it out!

Jess The Ska Kid presents LiTWEST A Hip Hop performance from Individual Artists collaborating to form a group!


Jess The Ska Kid… On the Road again! Jess takes a trip to the Cobra Lounge in Chicago. Always bringing you the latest in Underground and Original Music from Palace de Scheelerino and points beyond.

Starlight Riot performing at Palace de Scheelerino in Kenosha. Check out their page for more information.

The Skraps playing at Palace de Scheelerino with North Central Audio doing the recording.

Well this week there are numerous bands… but they are not live. But it is still a great show as we highlight Music from everywhere. Check it out!


Jess The Ska Kid presents Ghost Machines performing Live at Palace de Scheelerino (without the technical difficulties)


Size5s from Milwaukee join Jess The Ska Kid at Palace de Scheelerino for a live performance.


Kat and the Hurricane and My Friend Monty at Palace de Scheelerino Live!


Green Jelly at Hattrix

Donoma at Hattrix

Cookie Crotch Nuts at Hattrix


The Skraps

A live set from: The first rule

A live set from: The Union League

Republicans on Welfare at Hattrix Feb 20 2016