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Jess the Ska Kid with Weekly updates and stuff you should know. This week she features Royal Architects a Canadian Ska band and she also discusses the passthebass gofundme initiative. This is stuff you really should know.

Jess the Ska Kid Interviews Scarlet Curve Feb 15th. Scarlet Curve is a powerful Central Wisconsin band that draws on its local roots and diverse musical background to make their music defiantly original and away from the mainstream of rock.

Jess the Ska Kid reads a letter from Patrick Hamilton a fan from Texas as well as announcing Scarlet Curve coming up on the show this week.

Jess the Ska Kid with a tribute to Bob Marley and other updates that could not fit in the first 48 minutes. You will also learn about serial killers, The Chicago Worlds Fair, and other stuff you should know.

Jess the Ska Kid with more stuff than can fit into one episode. In this episode she has a Dutch Ska band “Bitter Grounds” she will be playing and updates for the weeks live music activities.

Feb 2nd Jess the Ska Kid with the Updates and happenings for the week. Coming up 1920’s Theme Prom Feb 10th, and Jess The Ska Kid with a live feed of the show from the Port Feb 8th.

Jess the Ska Kid is joined by The Crew as she interviews Andrew Robert Palmer the Non Folk artist discusses his musical influences and where you can find his music.

Jess The Ska Kid is joined by the Knights of the Round Table (The Crew) as she introduces the folks behind the scenes that work to bring you the latest in Underground Music.

Jan 27th Jess The Ska Kid Interviews Extrinsic. She discusses how they came to incorporate a Cello in the band, their musical influences, and some of their other projects.

This week Jan26 Jess The Ska Kid announces the birthdays coming up, Battle of the Burgers and Glass Painting at Bourbon Legends, and the event we have all been waiting for Valentines Dance at Hattrix featuring Beach Glass, The Space Echoes and Featuring The Crombies.

Tonight Jess The Ska Kid presents Humbug! Jess Interviews Humbug and they incorporate a little music into the interview.

Jan 23rd this week on the Jess The Ska Kid Show we have Humbug performing Thursday night and Extrinsic performing Saturday Afternoon

This week Jan 19 Jess The Ska Kid is joined by Chelsea as she promotes Battle of the Burgers, Prom 2018 at Hattrix, and Geometry?

This weeks show was to feature JIMPAT, but he came down with the Flu so Jess will be playing music submitted from bands from around the planet! Literally! Have you heard Russian Ska?

On tomorrows show Jess The Ska Kid Presents Waste and this episode also has info on Prom Tickets for Feb 10th at Hattrix in Kenosha (#KenoSka)

Jess The Ska Kid Interviews MX Future The Glass Warrior about his new music and rising from the ashes to continue his musical pursuits.

Jess the Ska Kid Show Announcement for  MX Future The Glass Warrior with some Accoustic Guitar and Keyboard

Weekly Updates from Jess The Ska Kid and  a preview of new music from Half Past 2

Jess The Ska Kid Interview with 100 Dollar Habit. 100 Dollar Habit created the catchy Jess The Ska Kid Jingle now check out the interview to hear about their musical influences and their recording company in The Chicagoland Area.

Weekly Updates from Jess The Ska Kid and  a preview of new music from The Upstarters!


This is LiTWEST at Palace de Scheelerino

Announcements this week from Jess The Ska Kid are about LiTWEST performing at Palace de Scheelerino Thursday night 8PM (CST)

Jess The Ska Kid with Stuff you should know. In this edition Cif Points also discusses the The Skraps new release coming out in early 2018.

The interview you have been waiting for Thomas Ochoa The Manager for EPIC 18 talks to Jess about the band and the EPIC Art Gallery in Imperial California. #bringbackaffogatostouts #pentagonalbrewing


This week we have a late addition to the line up. Jess the Ska Kid will interview Thomas Ochoa from The Band Epic 18 from Imperial California. They will discuss the bands music as well as the Epic Art Fest being held in Imperial California.

Jess the Ska Kid planned on interviewing JIMPAT about his journey fighting and beating addiction and how you can help others by supporting S.H.I.K. This will be rescheduled soon!

This week Jess interviews Starlight Riot from Milwaukee. Check out the interview and see not only their musical origins and interest, but also the positive influence and social awareness of each member in their own way.

Weekly updates and a preview of The classy Wrecks from Toronto Ontario

Jess the Ska Kid Announcing Starlight Riot from Milwaukee performing live tonight at 8:00 C.S.T.

Jess The Ska Kid bringing you updates from the Music Scene… Anura is looking for a Drummer check out the video for more info

Jess the Ska Kid with Shows Updates and Stuff you should know.

Jess The Ska Kid bringing you tracks from Underground Bands. Join us tonight as we play music submitted by artist from around the country. We will return to a live performance next week so share and Subscribe to our YouTube Page


Jess The Ska Kid bringing you updates from the Music Scene… Union League may be looking for you!


Jess The Ska Kid Weekly updates and a special feature “Cats on Parade”!

Check out Jess The Ska Kid interviewing Ghost Machines at Palace de Scheelerino

Jess The Ska Kid welcomes Ghost Machines tonight at Palace de Scheelerino


Hello and welcome from Jess The Ska Kid and Cif Points

Jess The Ska Kid and Carly sit down with Two Fat Guys on The Internet, and not just any two fat guys. Follow them on YouTube Check out the announcement and the Interview.


Coming attractions Nov 10 2017

Size5’5 performing live at Palace de Scheelerino Kenosha WI.

Tonight November 9th tune in to see Size 5 from Milwaukee as Jess The Ska Kid  interviews the band at Palace de Scheelerino


Interview with Short Story Inc from Chicago. We did the interview by phone this week, but check out their links on my YouTube channel to download their latest!


Interview with My Friend Monty and Kat and the Hurricane from Madison WI

Show announcement for “My Friend Monty” and “Kat and the Hurricane”

Upcoming events from Jess the Ska Kid… taking the show on the road!


Jess being interviewed about the Express 35 Job Fair “Connecting People to Employment”


Upcoming events from Jess the Ska Kid


Jess interviewing Slaughter Party.